What is KubePlaform

KubePlatform is a Kubenetes container platform optimized for multicloud.

It has the features you need for your Kubernetes strategy, including Kubernetes resource management, DevOps (CI/CD), application lifecycle management, monitoring, logging, service mesh, multitenancy, alerts and notifications, auditing, storage, and networking.

Microservice Mgmt.
Canary Release
Blue-green Deployment
Distribute Tracing
Circuit Breakers
Registry Mgmt.
Cross-cluster Pipeline
Source / Binary to Image
Code Analysis
APP Mgmt.
App Lifecycle Mgmt.
App Deployment
Upgrade & Roll back
App Repo Mgmt.
App Store
Cluster & App Monitoring
Cluster & App Logging
Alerting & Notification
Auditing Operating
Security & Authentication
User Mgmt.
Role Mgmt.
Pod Security Context
Network Policy

KubePlatform, a Kubernetes container platform, is created to smoothly integrate with third-party applications for cloud-native application management.

It features a web UI for full-stack automated IT operations and streamlined DevOps workflows.

Multitenancy facilitates the secure deployment and management of containerized applications in the cloud by various teams.

This allows development teams to deploy code from the console, and provides operations teams with unified monitoring capabilities and a robust DevOps strategy.

Infrastructure teams can install and maintain clusters to avoid being locked into a single vendor system.

Providing environments

Providing environments

Flexible Infrastructure
Providing environments

KubePlatform features and benefits

Kubernetes DevOps System

Features ready-to-use CI/CD and automated DevOps workflow tools, inclusive of source-to-image and binary-to-image, based on Jenkins.

Service Mesh Istio-based

Provides granular traffic management, observability and traceability, and visualization of traffic topology

Cloud-native telemetry

Supports multi-dimensional monitoring, event, and audit logs queries. Comes with built-in multi-tenant log query and collection, alerts, and notifications.

App Store

Provides an application store for Helm-based apps and application life cycle management on the Kubernetes platform.

Managing Kubernetes Multi-Cluster

Permits applications to be deployed across numerous clusters and cloud service providers (CSPs), disaster recovery solutions, and cross-cluster observability possibilities.

Calculating and billing costs

Track resource utilization at various levels through a unified dashboard to make informed choices and cut costs.

Collaboration in KubePlatform


Automate setup, scaling, and upgrades to cloud and data centers.

  • Improve resource utilization and reduce internal infrastructure costs
  • It provides enhanced security and supports multiple storage and network solutions.
  • Deliver a trusted and certified Kubernetes platform and deployment
  • Support multi-cloud and multi-cluster Kubernetes management to avoid vendor lock-in.


Enable developers to step away from intricate YAML and concentrate on business.

  • Create a seamless user experience and reduce the learning curve of cloud-native stacks.
  • Toolkits and deployment automation for any application environment
  • Improve development efficiency by providing an out-of-the-box toolkit for building reproducible images from source code
  • Support application lifecycle management, reduce time to market.


Build a one-stop, enterprise-level devOps framework

  • Provide centralized log collection, monitoring, alerting, event, and audit logs from infrastructure to applications
  • Simplify processes for continuous delivery, testing, releases, upgrades, and scaling.
  • Utilize Kubernetes for enhanced tracking, routing, and refined communication in cloud-native apps.
  • A user-friendly web console and graphic panel tailored for diverse user needs.


Challenges in launching apps within Kubernetes.

  • Deploy and upgrade apps with a single click for a transparent underlying infrastructure
  • Provide on-demand container resources and HPA to make your applications more reliable and flexible
  • Import Helm repositories in seconds to visually deploy and upgrade applications
  • Support for application store operations, including application metering and billing