Kuberix is committed to supporting business innovation. We integrate the necessary features for organizations to grow and succeed in the digital age.

We optimize and automate operations, build a culture of development, and provide a platform so you can focus on your business.

Subsidiary Company


MegaZone is a South Korean IT services company founded in 1998. It offers a variety of IT services, including cloud, security, and data center, with a focus on helping customers grow their businesses.

As an official partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS), MEGAZONE leverages Amazon’s cloud-based services to provide diverse IT solutions to customers. We also maintain partnerships with other cloud service providers like Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, and MS Azure.

We offer a variety of cloud services, such as cloud migration, cloud operations management, cloud cost optimization, cloud security, and big data analysis. These services help our customers to utilize the cloud efficiently


Megazone Cloud is a company in the Megazone Group and leads Megazone’s cloud business. We offer a range of cloud services, including cloud solution delivery, cloud consulting, and cloud migration, and helps customers grow their businesses by leveraging the cloud.

Megazone Cloud has established partnerships with a number of large-scale cloud service providers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure, enabling them to offer optimal cloud solutions to their customers.

We also provide services in areas such as digital transformation, data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and more, and helps customers leverage these latest technologies to transform their business and improve business performance.


Cloudgram was established by Megazone Cloud, a company with many years of cloud service experience, and LG CNS, an enterprise IT service company, to grow and develop as a cloud innovator in the cloud market.

With Megazone’s 20 years of IT experience and Megazone Cloud’s cloud expertise as a foundation, Cloudgram is making strides in the industry. It is composed of experts who have experience and know-how in each sector for enterprise cloud business.

We aim to satisfy our customers with specialized professional performance capabilities related to global standard cloud services.


MegaZone Soft and its affiliates, including MegaZone Cloud, have more than 5,000 customers, including major domestic enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises, and startups, and are diversifying their global business capabilities with overseas subsidiaries in the U.S., Canada, China, Shanghai, Beijing, Japan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

We contribute to our clients’ cloud-based digital transformation and business innovation by achieving remarkable results for clients in various industries in Korea utilizing Google Cloud.

MegaZoneSoft is the largest cloud management specialist (MSP) in Korea and Asia, with capabilities in cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), and big data technologies.


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Our Businesses

Kubernetes Consulting and Operations

We develop and execute Kubernetes cluster setups to enhance scalability and performance while ensuring stable operations, considering diverse business requirements.

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Cloud Native Transformation

Achieve cost reductions by embracing microservices design and obtaining business flexibility, scalability, accessibility, and developer efficiency through container technologies and tools, DevOps, and Agile methodologies.

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Kuberix Care Pack

Kuberix Care Packs guarantee a dependable and effective construction and management of your open source-based system adoption.

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Kuberix Training

Kuberix assists clients in their digital transformation endeavors through DevOps training.

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Our Solution


It has the features you need for your Kubernetes strategy, including Kubernetes resource management, DevOps (CI/CD), application lifecycle management, monitoring, logging, service mesh, multitenancy, alerts and notifications, auditing, storage, and networking.

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Integrated certification plays a crucial role in digital transformation. KubeSignOn serves as a single sign-on solution designed for large-scale businesses.

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KubeScanner is a platform that provides superior functionality and ease of use for optical character recognition, including large volumes of images, videos, and capture tasks.

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KubeDataSync is a solution designed for real-time synchronization of heterogeneous databases.

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Success Stories

Offering managed container solutions for public sector by leveraging globally anticipated cloud technology. Enhancing scalability via unified services within the national research container platform PaaS-TA

Enhancing KB Star Bank’s competitiveness by exploring new ventures based on innovative technologies, establishing MSA architecture as a service element, and promoting shared development

Reconstructing the LainaLife Digital Channel in an AWS Cloud-centric DevOps Environment. Establishing a Service Mesh Environment for MSA. Build a CI/CD Pipeline and Deployment Process.

Configure AIQ Talk infrastructure and upgrade your chatbot cluster by building a new chatbot AI solution. Configure MinIO object storage