What is KubeSignOn

Integrated certification plays a crucial role in digital transformation.

KubeSignOn serves as a single sign-on solution designed for large-scale businesses.

high performance

It has been proven to handle over 10 million members and around 2000 login process executions per minute in a large single sign-on project, even on a 2-core or less 2 VM environment


Single sign-on handling can be performed by using only HTTP in a situation that old and new technologies are used together such as JDK1.4 version, JDK1.8 version and C#, Android and etc.


You can customize your authentication logic to meet the needs of different businesses by leveraging your legacy system information and external information resources.

Features of KubeSignOn explained

Flexible user repository

  • One of the outstanding features of KubeSignOn is its support for flexible user authentication storage.
  • Many businesses already have their proprietary user databases, and in compliance with the GDPR, individual data should be housed within its respective country.
  • The majority of standalone authentication solutions necessitate the creation of integration adapters to gain access to user data in LDAP or a database format.
  • KubeSignOn offers support for multiple user storages, allowing for modifications to the existing user data authentication procedure without the need to redistribute the source code.

Pipeline modeler

  • As each client accesses user information, you can model how the data is accessed.
  • A pipeline consists of tasks such as RestAPI, Sql, and functions.
  • A token is created by combining desired user information through a combination of tasks.
  • Elements of customization, including both pre-authentication and post-authentication processes, are easily adjustable using task combinations.
Example pipeline for login

Extends pipeline

  • Additionally, you can add pipelines that perform user CRUD operations, email authentication, and two-factor authentication.
  • Applications can adopt a microservices approach by entirely detaching any logic associated with user processing from the main application.
CRUD operations with pipeline

Hosted Page

  • The host page is where you can configure pages like login/signup.
  • Complete freedom in Html editing is provided, with the added advantage of using Html and CSS from existing clients.
  • You can create a login page by simply replacing the variables provided by KubeSignOn where needed in your existing Html Form.
Server-side rendering and parameter injection

Synchronization Extended Scenario

  • Once multiple sites are configured with the login/logout flow provided by KubeSignOn based on the Oauth2.0 protocol, KubeSignOn can be configured to support simultaneous login/out in more complex situations.