What is KubeDataSync

KubeDataSync is a solution designed for real-time synchronization of heterogeneous databases.

Real-time decision making

Real-time data synchronization provides executives and the entire organization with up-to-date information in real time, enabling accurate and fast decision-making.

Unified data management

Distributed heterogeneous databases can lead to inefficient data management. Real-time DB synchronization consolidates data, eliminating redundancy and ensuring data consistency.

Enhance customer experience

Provide personalized experiences based on real-time updated data and rapidly respond to customer needs.

KubeDataSync features and benefits

Manage target tables

KubeDataSync manages the structure of the target database tables, automatically applying necessary modifications. This ensures your data remains consistent and customized in the target database.

Manage the target database

You can manage a variety of target database systems. It supports connection and settings for each database system, enabling stable data transfer and synchronization.

Column Mapping

Supports column mapping between source and target databases. This allows you to flexibly convert the format and structure of your data and resolve compatibility issues.

Customize your data

It provides customization for data transformation and processing tasks. You can filter or process data according to specific rules, which helps in maintaining data quality and consistency.

Data comparison

Perform comparisons between source and target data to validate data consistency. Identify and act on data discrepancies or errors to ensure data accuracy.

Failover self-recovery

In case of network or system failure, it offers the capability of automatic recovery. This minimizes data loss and ensures continuity of the data synchronization process.

Different patterns

1:1 Sync Pattern : Common Synchronization Patterns

One-To-Many Sync pattern: This pattern is necessary when synchronizing one topic to multiple DBs.

Composite Topic Sync pattern: This pattern is required when an order guarantee is needed between tables A and B.

Handling lost messages

KubeDataSync prevents and handles potential issues when messages are lost. It detects errors or interruptions during data transfer and takes appropriate actions to prevent data loss.

Manage statistics

It provides statistics about data synchronization and transfer. This allows you to monitor and optimize the performance of data synchronization, providing useful insights for administrators.