What is KubeScanner

KubeScanner is a platform that provides superior functionality and ease of use for optical character recognition, including large volumes of images, videos, and capture tasks.

Users can convert various types of documents into a searchable digital format, and OCR can be used as part of a business workflow using Optical Character Recognition.


MSA architecture for fast business integration with customer systems

Cost optimization

Cost optimization through image quality and resizing, and web capture zoning

Large Capacity

Large resource handling and computing cost optimization based on container auto-scale and Kafka

KubeScanner features and benefits

Processing large volumes of images, video, and web captures

  • Large e-commerce entities might find the need to process extensive volumes of images, videos, and web captures.
  • The system manages bulk resource processing via container-based auto-scaling and cloud storage, eliminating the need for customers to set up separate image processing infrastructure.

API integration with various OCR providers

  • Utilize the technologies and capabilities of various OCR service providers to help you achieve optimal results.
  • Choose and connect with OCR services to improve your processing.

Understand paper data from receipts, invoices, and more

  • You can understand various types of documents such as receipts, invoices and more.
  • This means you have the ability to not only extract text, but also understand the meaning and intent of the document to make the data more useful.

Cost optimization

  • You can optimize the cost of OCR usage by adjusting image quality and resizing.
  • By enhancing subpar images, you can boost the reliability of OCR outcomes.
  • This minimizes additional image refinement or reiterations, leading to cost savings.

Mapping processing results to user objects

  • You can map processing results to user objects.
  • This means that you can use the extracted text data to connect to existing systems or integrate with other applications to perform automated tasks or utilize the data.
  • You can map results to custom data structures to help you process data more efficiently.

KubeScanner Customer Stories

Customer Stories1

  • Thousands of international members visit South Korea, and verifying their passports and e-tickets is a labor-intensive task, Add traveler information analysis microservices that leverage Auto ML and container technologies to build automated workflows.

Customer Stories2

  • Reduce post-screening resources by using KubeScanner automated screening to screen large amounts of product data in the commerce platform’s product management department. Improve screening accuracy and productivity, and simplify the process of taking action on screening results.