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Cloud Native Computing Foundation(CNCF) Connection

  1. Kubernetes Knowledge
    • To obtain KCSP certification, a company needs to have a deep understanding of Kubernetes. Kubernetes is an open-source platform for container orchestration and cluster management, and KCSP companies must be able to implement and operate this technology at a high level.
  2. Service Delivery Capability
    • KCSP companies should demonstrate the ability to provide Kubernetes-based cloud services. This includes designing, building, managing, monitoring, and updating Kubernetes clusters.
  3. Customer Support
    • KCSP companies are expected to offer 24/7 support services to customers. They should be capable of addressing issues that may arise in Kubernetes environments and meeting customer requirements.
  4. Security and Quality Compliance
    • KCSP companies must adhere to appropriate security and quality standards to protect customer data and maintain service quality.
  5. Certification and Education
    • KCSP companies should involve their staff in Kubernetes certification programs and be able to offer Kubernetes education and consulting services to customers.
  6. Partnerships and Ecosystem Participation
    • KCSP companies should maintain partnerships and actively participate in communities and partnerships related to the Kubernetes ecosystem to support its growth and development.

The KCSP certification is a significant certification for companies that operate and provide services with Kubernetes. It helps validate their ability to effectively use and deliver Kubernetes in a stable and reliable manner.

  1. Terraform Expertise
    • To obtain CHIP certification, one must possess in-depth knowledge and expertise in using Terraform for infrastructure automation.
  2. Terraform Project Experience
    • To qualify for certification, one needs to have experience successfully provisioning and managing cloud infrastructure or applications using Terraform.
  3. Terraform Consulting and Service Delivery Capability
    • CHIP-certified companies should have the ability to provide Terraform consulting and infrastructure automation services to customers. This includes designing and implementing infrastructure solutions tailored to customer requirements using Terraform.
  4. HashiCorp Partnership and Support
    • CHIP-certified companies are expected to maintain a partnership and collaborate with HashiCorp, demonstrating an understanding of HashiCorp’s products and technologies.
  5. Certification Exam
    • To achieve CHIP certification, individuals or companies may be required to pass a certification exam provided by HashiCorp. This exam evaluates the ability to work with Terraform for infrastructure automation.
  6. Ongoing Maintenance
    • Maintaining CHIP certification may require periodic updates and re-certification as specified by HashiCorp.

Obtaining this certification demonstrates the capability of a company to effectively use Terraform for provisioning and managing infrastructure and showcases their commitment to providing top-notch services to customers.

About Kuberix

Kuberix is a digital transformation specialist.

Kuberix is your most trusted partner for digital transformation and architectural modernization for your cloud environment.

Kuberix Business Areas

Kuberix provides consulting services in the area of Outer Architecture based on Micro Service Architecture, and three business areas that provide solutions and training to configure the platform.

With increasing necessity to adopt modernized architectures, we cater to customer needs and market scenarios by providing tailored solutions, and aid in the construction and consultation of MSA environments utilizing open source.

We also provide various curriculum and technical support services through our training center.

Kuberix’s Guiding Principles

  • Our utmost priority is the growth and success of our customers
  • Prioritize our customer’s desires and needs
  • We value honesty and prefer written communication for clarity
  • Take the role of guide writer, if there’s no existing guide.
  • We are team player and no one needs to be a star.



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