What is Cloud Native Transformation

Achieve cost reductions by embracing microservices design and obtaining business flexibility, scalability, accessibility, and developer efficiency through container technologies and tools, DevOps, and Agile methodologies.

Supporting cloud-optimized architectures and systems DevOps

MSA architecture and DevOps system support

  • Execute building/operation with an architect support system tailored for MSA and DevOps.
  • Create DevOps-optimized procedures for development, deployment, and operation for swift response to business demands, and suggest phased optimized resolutions.

Assisting DevSecOps Operations

  • For DevSecOps operations that defend sensitive data, we offer application-focused security technologies and security instruction and training.
    • Security education and training
    • Automated security scanning tools
    • Application security auditing and monitoring
    • Reliable development and deployment processes

Building the Outer Architecture

  • Build an Outer Architecture that supports security for accounts, access rights, and data processing in your service.

Automate infrastructure provisioning (Infrastructure as code)

Cloud provisioning via Terraform

  • Terraform is a powerful tool for defining and provisioning infrastructure as code.
  • The DevOps team at Kuberix uses Terraform to provide the following services
    • Programmatically manage infrastructure, ensuring consistency and reliability
    • Rapidly deploy infrastructure, reusing modules to streamline work
    • Secure data and infrastructure, enabling compliance with relevant security regulations
    • Train on the ongoing management and updating of infrastructure

Manage/Control Distributed Messaging Systems (Data Streaming)

Distributed Messaging System with Apache Kafka

  • Apache Kafka is a distributed messaging system for handling large amounts of real-time data streaming and is an essential component of Digital Transformations.
  • Kuberix goes beyond simple pub/sub and has accumulated a wide range of experience in real-world business scenarios such as real-time data synchronization, SAGA patterns, and data lake integration.

Building an event-driven MSA

  • As digital transformation specialists, Kuberix has encountered much experimentation in building event-driven MSA for various enterprises; based on the lessons learned, we have systematized our approach to constructing successful event-driven MSA.
  • From our project experiences with clients across numerous sectors, we can offer the following examples.
    • Kuberix possesses the expertise to apply CQRS and Event Sourcing Pattern to the central business of a leading revenue commerce firm in Korea.
    • Based on this, we can save you a lot of trial and error costs when you build an Event Sourcing Pattern application for the first time.

Domain-specific Data Stream Pipeline

  • An inner application is an app that comprehends the business and technical demands of a particular domain.
  • Understanding the inner application is essential in constructing a Data Stream Pipeline.
  • Kuberix offers the following services to help you comprehend your inner application and devise a Data Stream Pipeline suitable for your domain.
    • Analyze the domain features and cultivate an understanding of the inner application to recommend an appropriate data pipeline.
    • Design the best architecture and support the integration with the Inner application.
    • Create the pipeline for data gathering, processing, storage, and delivery and support ongoing operation.

Fact-based troubleshooting based on understanding engine mechanism

  • Applications that utilize stream data face a variety of issues at scale, both in small and larger development environments.
  • Kuberix understands the mechanics of Apache Kafka and Kafka clients, and can accurately diagnose the causes of various issues, including performance degradation, data loss, failover, and fault tolerance, and take appropriate action.